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Management Consultancy


Strategy and marketing


Investment Development Authority of Lebanon – IDAL



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Management Assistance and Advising to the Chairman of the Board and Director General of IDAL

  1. Advising at large the Chairman Director General on the day to day operations and the development of IDAL’s general strategy and action plan.
  2. Foundation and establishment of the « One Stop Shop » for Permitting and Licensing.
  3. Preparation of the new investment promotion law (Law No. 360 dated August 16, 2001).
  4. Analysis, evaluation, and study of the new Privatization Law (Law No. 228 dated 2/6/2000).
  5. Conception and launch of the « Export Plus » program.
  6. Conception of the « Agro Plus » program.
  7. Preparation of terms of reference for the consulting services contracted out by IDAL for the establishment of a Business Information Center, the identification of investment opportunities, and the implementation of the « Export plus » program.
  8. Development of IDAL’s marketing strategy, website conception and layout, and the preparation, production and editing of IDAL’s teaser brochure and Newsletter.

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