»  Collection and Piping (Captage) of Chaqha Springs in Mydaneh Plain Details


Environmental and Water treatment


Ministry of Water and Electrical Resources


South Lebanon

Starting Date:

1 / 2001

Completion Date:

7 / 2002


Mydaneh plain falls in the neighborhood of Kfarrouman village to the east of Nabatyeh in South Lebanon at the Southern edge of the Jezzine syncline. It is irrigated by the network of Chaqha springs which normally surfaces at different points with an important water outflow.

Chaqha springs dried up during the occupation of the south and after a cycle of low precipitation years. A geological and hydro-geological investigation were carried out to locate the water-bearing layers and confirm the site geology. A scheme for collecting water at a deeper level (with and without deep wells) to insure continuous supply of water even in dry years was developed along with the design of catchment structures and irrigation main channels. In 2002, after remedial works, the springs regained their normal yield.

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