»  Conveying of Antelias Grotto Water Sources to Dbayeh Treatment Plant Details


Hydraulics and Rural Development


Spring Catchment


Office des Eaux to Beyrouth et du Mont Liban


Antelias - Dbayeh

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The project consists of building an underground diversion dam and intake structure inside the grotto of Antelias to divert the spring’s water and convey it to the Dbayeh Treatment and Pumping Plant by gravity through a 3.5 m diameter, 700-meter long tunnel connected to a 1000mm G.R.P. pipe 2430 meter long running along Antelias river bed to the Beirut – Tripoli Highway. At the grotto site, a monitoring building tops a vertical shaft 60 meters deep with an internal diameter of 5 meters. The shaft accommodates reinforced concrete access stairs as well as a maintenance shaft and a reservation for an elevator.

The project also includes piping, connections and safety works at the Dbayeh Plant.

The assignment of the Consultant covered a review of the tunnel and pipeline design, re-design of shaft and intake structures, and the supervision of the execution of the project.

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