»  Wehbe Building – Sassine Square Details


Constructed Facilities




Mr. Tony Wehbe



Starting Date:

3 / 1999

Completion Date:

4 / 1999


WehbeBuilding is an existing building on Sassine Square. The Client wanted to excavate under the foundation of the existing building for the construction of 1 extra basement in the underlying marly factured limestone.

The Consultant designed and supervised a solution based on underpinning with micropiles (12m deep) under the existing footings for retaining the existing building. Once, the micropiles are drilled and grouted the excavation works proceed by phases. The micropiles are braced against buckling after each phase of excavation (1.5m deep).

The micropiles act temporarily as columns in the excavated portion and as foundation piles in the fractured rock. New footings and columns would then be installed. Non shrink grout was used between the new and old columns, where the load transfer mechanism takes place in order to minimize settlements.

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