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South Lebanon

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The master plan required covered the southern part of the country namely both Nabatiyeh & South Lebanon mohafazats including the previously occupied land by the Israelis. A general survey of the region was carried out to identify the existing sewerage trunk lines and treatment plants. In addition all existing plans and studies for projected sewer networks were collected from various public administrations and municipalities.

Both information collected on site and that collected from the public sector was drawn up on a general master plan. The next step was to identify the future requirements for wastewater disposal by carrying out a full research work on the population and major centers such as schools, hospitals, factories,… etc.

The master plan in its final form showed all existing networks and treatment plants, planned networks to be built up by the various public agencies, and then the proposed networks and treatment plants to provide a general plan for wastewater disposal in South Lebanon.

Based on the prepared master plan, the additional requirements of sewer trunk lines were identified. Land surveying of the projected path of the sewers was carried out with topography and projected wastewater volume as the main elements used to design the size and the invert levels of pipelines. The manholes, lift pumps and crossings were designed and tender documents including plans, specifications, and bills of quantities were prepared for each region separately.

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