South Beirut

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Environmental and Water treatment


Etablissement des Eaux to Beyrouth et du Mont Liban


Beirut, Lebanom

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Beirut-Awali water pipeline project Component 2

In 2010, the Office des Eaux to Beyrouth et du Mont Liban (EBML) commissioned Kredo with the review of the master plan for water distribution in the region of lower Baabda, the selection of the optimal location for distribution reservoirs to be fed from the Beirut-Awali pipeline, and the preparation of expropriation files for more than 15 reservoirs on the hills of South Beirut in the villages of Aaramoun, Baabda, Aaitat, Aamrousieh, Kfarchima, Kouba, and Oumara. This project is the first part of the Beirut-Awali pipeline project, Component 2.


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