Nabi Sbat

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Ministry of Public Works and Transport



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Toufail is an isolated Lebanese Village situated near the Syrian Border and can only be accessed, at present, by crossing into Syria and driving through Damascus and Saïdnaya.

The Minister of Public Works and Transport commissioned KREDO with the planning and design of a 24-km road that connects the town of Baalbeck with the village of Toufail. And that starts at Nabi Sbat Shrine and ends at the Syrian Border.

The projected road crosses the heights of the Anti Lebanon chain of mountains at an average altitude of 1800 meters. The tasks involved included a major topographical survey of a wide corridor where the road axis was set in addition to a geotechnical and a hydrological survey. The carriageway was designed to be 9m wide composed of 6m bituminous pavement and two 1.5m shoulders. Due to the remote location of the road and the prevailing environmental conditions the construction of retaining walls was completely avoided, and replaced by mild side slopes.

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