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The Younine Plateau is located 3 km North-East of Baalbeck in the Anti-Lebanon mountain range at an average elevation of 1200m above sea level and offers topographical and geological conditions suitable for the construction of a water storage reservoir. This reservoir can be filled by diverting the snow melt and overflow waters of the springs running through the Nahleh river bed.

The stored waters can then be used for the irrigation of the dry lands in the neighbouring parts of the Bekaa valley and eventually to supply the growing city of Baalbeck with potable water. The assignment consisted of land surveying, environmental impact

assessment, hydrological and hydrogeological studies, geotechnical investigations, soil testing, investigation of alternative dam locations and preliminary design, rockfill dam seismic stability analysis and water infiltration analysis, design of cutoff injections, water use planning and reservoir management, economic feasibility study, final design drawings and tender documents including intake structure, spillway tunnel, appurtenances, tunnel, and water diversion dike.

The control and checking of the final design was entrusted to the Canadian consultant Tecsult International Ltd.

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