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Ministry of Public Works and Transport (P.I.U)


Saida - Jezzine

Starting Date:


Completion Date:



In 2005, the Ministry of Public Works and Transport commissioned Kredo with the Supervision of the primary connection:

PRI055            Saida – Jezzine Road              28km

The tasks carried out by the Consultant consisted in Design review, Contract and Project Management and Supervision of the full reconstruction of the road connecting:  Saida, Aabra, Salhiye, Majdelioun, Lebaa, Sfaray, Room, Homsiye and Jezzine.

Supervision work included:

  • Supervision of the operations of Concrete and Hot Mix Asphalt batching plants.
  • Checking on the quality of all materials including hot mix, bitumen content, concrete, aggregates, steel, paints, piping, etc..
  • Checking on compaction and thickness by taking off cores and carrying out lab tests.
  • Supervision of the laying, grading and compaction of Sub-base aggregate, Base course, and Hot mix asphalt.
  • Supervision of the construction of reinforced concrete retaining walls, Cyclopean walls, Geo-grid retaining walls, New Jersey Barriers, Guard Rails, Channels, Gutters, Manholes, Box Culverts, and geo-textile and French drains.
  • Quantity surveying and payment certification to Contractors.
  • Supervision of infrastructure relocation/replacement including: Telephone poles, L.V. & M.V. poles and cables, water and wastewater pipes, pipe culverts
  • Execution of Expropriation decree and liaison with local authorities and municipalities.

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