»  Environmental and Social Needs/Impacts Study of the Janta/Massa Dam and Reservoir Details


Hydraulics and Rural Development




Canadian International Development Agency



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The project had two major components. The environmental assessment of the reservoir was to ensure that the proposed development is environmentally sound and that any impacts and consequences are well-identified and taken into account in the design of the project. The second component was to identify social needs in the project area as well as economic benefits resulting from increased irrigation.

The project duration was 12 months and included the following elements:

  • Evaluation of the physical environment including impacts of hydrological regime, erosion and sedimentation, water quality in reservoir, leaching of nutrients resulting from additional irrigation, contamination of groundwater, construction activities, etc.;
  • Evaluation of the biological environment including impacts on fauna and flora, biological diversity, etc.;
  • Evaluation of the socio-economic environment including impacts on land use and local infrastructure, agricultural practice, identification of critical development needs of men and women using a participatory approach, etc.;
  • Development of a monitoring plan and mitigation activities to minimize environmental and social adverse effects.
  • Review of the proposed technical alternatives for the construction of one or two earth dams, breach analysis and safety of the main dam, materials selection and source location for the earth / rockfill dam.
  • Preliminary study of potable and irrigation water needs as well as preliminary design.

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