Dbayeh Camp Sewers

»  Sewerage, Stormwater Drainage and Water Supply Systems in Dbayeh Camp Details


Environmental and Water treatment


Wastewater collection networks


United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA)



Starting Date:

8 / 2007

Completion Date:

5 / 2008


The objective of this consultancy was to formulate radical and sustainable improvements to the present situation of water supply as well as storm water and wastewater disposal in Dbayeh Camp. The objective was achieved through the preparation of technical and economic feasibility studies, preliminary and detailed designs for sewerage, storm water drainage and water supply systems in the camp area serving camp needs till the year 2030, and by carrying out an Environmental and Health Impact Assessments of the proposed project. While planning for the camp utilities, due consideration was given to present and future utilities in the area and in municipalities adjacent to the camp. Possible integration of camp services into those of adjacent municipalities was studied and achieved where possible.

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