»  Optimization and updating of rehabilitation studies in cazas of Batroun, Jbeil and Akkar Details






Ministry of Public Works and Transport (P.I.U)


Batroun - Jbeil - Akkar

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Upon the request of the World Bank and within the framework of a tight financial budget, the P.I.U. of the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation commissioned KREDO with the value engineering and design optimization of a rehabilitation study already prepared for 72kms of roads within the Cazas of Batroun and Jbeil in Mount Lebanon Mouhafaza and Caza of Akkar in the Mouhafaza of North Lebanon. New design criteria had to be selected where the width of the carriageway was reduced to 7m instead of 10m with almost no shoulders. This entailed a complete revision of all structural elements such as retaining walls, bridges and drainage structures. An engineering value study was carried out for all sections with a view to reduce expropriation expenses.

Three complete sets of Tender Documents and Drawings were prepared for the works in every Caza.

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